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I’ve been a client of Frame Crafters Gallery for over 15 years and cannot overstate how impressed I always am by the quality of work they do and the caliber of people they are. Being in the restaurant business, I have had more than 300 pieces framed by Frame Crafters over the years and every time I drop off items to be framed I am totally confident that the finished product will look terrific, will be very fairly priced and will be completed on a timely basis – usually sooner than expected. Peter and Katrece Hunt have created and maintained a business which is built on integrity, professional and personal service and excellent taste in the framing of art, photographs, memorabilia – and even hole-in-one golf balls! The various folks that work at the gallery are cut from the same cloth and have been imbued by Peter and Katrece’s commitment to quality and service.

Perry ButlerPerry’s RestaurantsSan Francisco, CA